Advantages of The Unity Sand Ceremony

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If you are planning your wedding, then it is one of the most exciting feeling you can ever have. There is the fatigue from all the running around but it becomes completely worth it in the end. One consideration for the big day if you envision a spectacular day is the unity sand ritual. The unity sand ritual is where two sets of sands that could be of a different color are poured into one container signifying that two lives are blending to become one even as the particles of sand mix together to become one. Visit website to Learn more about Sand Ceremony. There are various benefits of performing the unity sand ceremony at your wedding and some of those benefits are briefly highlighted below.
Should you be bringing together blended families, then this is an exciting way to involve the children. You can purchase the family sand ceremony kit that can help you symbolically help the children understand that they are becoming one family. The exercise will also help to build on other family activities that bring unity.
The unity sand can serve a great reminder of the big day and the vows you made to each has been proven scientifically that when you stare for something for a while that it becomes a reality. Staring at the sand everyday can also be the reminder and motivation you need everyday to make the marriage work.
Different colors of sand can be used to help bring in the dramatic effect of the unity. Since it is difficult to separate a grain of sand, it will be awesome to watch hoe different colors of sand blend together. Click to get more info about Sand Ceremony. The aesthetic appearance they bring to your home can also not be underestimated since it will be a colorful sight to behold.
The sand ceremony is customizable to fit any situation and to teach any valuable lesson. There are different instances in marriage where unity is required and the sand can help bring these lessons. By reflecting and meditating n such lessons the aspect of unity can be brought out clearly for any learning purposes.
Destination weddings are also ideal to incorporate this activity. Should you have a special or monumental place where you met or want to etch the memory of such a place then the unity sand ceremony can be great in such cases. Having the sand form the special location can create a lasting memory of the vows that you shared. Learn more from

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